Our model can split a Twitter hashtag into a sequence of meaningful words

What is segmentation?

Numerous systems use twitter data to make predictions and they typically ignore hashtags. Hashtag Master converts the hashtags to meaningful words. This means that tasks that use Twitter data have more data to draw from.
Georgia Tech @GeorgiaTech
Wishing every Yellow Jacket a
and a safe holiday season!
7:08 PM · Nov 27, 2020
Merry Christmas
Jackets Protect Jackets

each of the boosters on the
are taller than the Statue of Liberty? When
I launches to the Moon, it will feature the iconic Worm logo on each booster.
2:00 PM · Dec 23, 2020
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We have created an API for your apps to be able to use our segementing tool.
Submit an individual string to be segemented:
GET https://www.url.com/?hashtag={Your Hashtag}
Submit a *.TSV or *.CSV file using:
POST https://www.url.com/bulk